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Caleb speaks about accident Part 3 & 4 - Sunday, November 15, 2009
Sorry for the poor video and sound quality, took this with my phone :)

Part 3:

Part 4:


Caleb speaks part 1 & 2 - Sunday, November 15, 2009
Sorry for the poor video and sound quality, took this with my phone :)

Part 1:

Part 2:


Caleb- Year Two - A Prayer For My Son - Friday, March 6, 2009
As I was praying for Caleb this morning asking the Lord once again for another miracle.....he sent me this poem to pray on Caleb's behalf will you join me? Please also please petition the Lord for financial provision for a special need that came to our attention this morning..more information to come as he celebrate the many continued miracles of this young mans life.
Build me a son, OLord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid; one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory.
Build me a son whose wishes will not take the place of deeds; a son who will know Thee - and that to know himself is the foundation of knowledge.
Lead him, I pray, not in the path of ease and comfort, but under the stress and spur of difficulties and challenge. Here let him learn compassion for those who fail.
Build me a son whose heart will be clear, whose goals will be high; a son who will master himself before he seeks to master other men; one who will reach into the future, yet never forget the past.
And after all these thing are his, give him, I pray, enough of a sense of humor, so that he may always be serious, yet never take himself to seriously. Give him humility, so that he may always remember the simplicity of true greatness, the open mind of true wisdom, and meekness of true strength.
Then I, his father will dare to whisper, "I have not lived in vain."

Caleb Update - 4/2008 - Sunday, April 20, 2008


 What is the Dinner for she asked? The dinner I answered? It is a time of celebration, an opportunity to look back and give thanks, a fund raiser to help Caleb replace his lap top and to buy his speak and write and anything left over will go towards some medical bills.  You are invited I said, you and anyone who has the desire to support our son as he continues his God appointed journey, come and hear the story of the modern day miracles. April 26,2008, Dinner Served at five oclock, Please RSVP to 760-320-7454

Love, Dawn and the Barton Family


Caleb - Prayer - Wednesday, March 12, 2008

HI Everyone,


Last Sunday went great; the feed back is that the people were blessed by Caleb’s testimony. I know Caleb was blessed too. Tonight, Wednesday, Caleb speaks at the Community Blood Banks 35 Birthday Party and he is again nervous and asking for prayer.  Thank you for praying, standing in the gap, as Caleb moves forward.

Love, Dawn and the Barton Family


Caleb - Prayer Needed - Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Dear Lord, Father of who is faithful in times of trouble.

As I write to you, I wonder, where do I start? How do I tell you and what do I ask of each of you? Two weeks ago Caleb found a beautiful 2002 Honda Accord. It is a one owner, garaged car, just what Caleb had hoped for. Yesterday Caleb started his first day back to school and on his way home he was badly rear ended and he now has a fractured neck.

You see what I mean, how can this be? Caleb was just starting to feel the anger and loss of his last accident and injury, Lord, I know you love my son and our family and I do not question your divine sovereignty Brothers and sisters in Christ, please do not forget my son, your brother in Christ, Caleb. He needs us now more than ever. He needs us to stand in the gap, pray for him fervently, claim his spiritual healing, and physical and emotional healing. Pray for endurance and peace, pray as you are lead. We have all agreed God has great things in store for Caleb; let us rejoice as we look for what God has for him.

Please keep our whole family in your prayers. We are so thankful for each of you, we are assured of the future because we know you are there praying for us, lifting us to the Lord and covering our family. We are humbled by your continued love for our family and most of all, our son and brother,

Love, Dawn and The Barton Family


We Give Thanks For YOU - Saturday, August 11, 2007

Caleb and I are grateful for the time we spent with Dr. Nath yesterday because he was caring, direct and very self assured. Caleb and I were talking on the way home, processing the information and our feelings. We have decided that so much of this journey we are on, requires trust, trusting that even if we think we might have picked the “wrong” doctor, Occupational Therapist, hospital, or any other medical persons or made incorrect decisions, God is the one who is in ultimate control of Caleb’s healing and recovery. God, will decide how much use Caleb will get from his arm, wrist and hand, God is the final answer, Caleb and I found peace in that reality last night, not only for his medical conditions, but for our lives. Yesterday, Dr. Nath reported he was pleased with the healing that has occurred in Caleb’s elbow and shoulder. He reported, he had hoped for more movement in the wrist and fingers, however he did educate us regarding the need to keep the fingers, wrist and shoulder limber and ready for any possible nerve healing that might occur over the next year. The plan from here is to keep the body limber with occupational therapy, start electrical stimulation and look to have surgery on the elbow and wrist in about one year. Amazing, right? You bet it is, this week God has lifted Caleb’s mood, and his rash was much more manageable yesterday while traveling and today, well today is another day God has control of and we are thankful for that as we look for all God has for us. Today we think of each of you and all the support, love, prayers, financial support and most of all your willingness to stand in the Gap for my son, for so long, you are each deeply loved, Dawn and The Barton family


Prayer for new affliction - - Thursday, August 9, 2007

First of all, thank you for your continued prayers. Already Caleb's spirit has improved ; he is not feeling as "down" as he felt just a few days ago. Praise God for His infinite mercies!

Caleb now has a pretty serious rash that starts on his face, has moved to his chest and is continuing to spread. The rash is bright red, painful, and itches. Caleb will be seeing his regular doctor today about the rash. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor, to be able to determine how to deal with the rash or for immediate healing from the Lord. Caleb will be going to San Diego tomorrow to meet with Dr. Nath who performed the nerve graft surgery in Houston for a check-up and doesn't want to travel with the rash being so bothersome.

Thank you all for continuing on this journey with us.

Love the Barton family


Prayer Needed - Monday, August 6, 2007

On Saturday night Gary left for two weeks. Today, Caleb seems really blue, I am not sure why but ,I know he needs prayer. Caleb and I talked last night about the constant battle between good and evil and the way that battle plays out in our lives day by day. So I write to you knowing that my son appears to be sad, I am not sure why, was the tight rope walk a little tighter today? Facing the damage is still a day to day reality and at times a moment by moment reality. All of this to say please pray for Caleb as you read this, pray as the Lord leads you. Thank you for your continued prays and support, I know tomorrow will be a brighter day for Caleb because of each of your prayers on his behalf.

Love, Dawn and the Barton Family


Bob McDonald's brother needs blood donations. If you can donate blood, please do so this week.


Caleb - Fran - Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tonight Caleb showed me how his thumb is moving and how he gets a tinny tiny flicker from his pointy finger. YEE HA!! Thank you for your prayers last week. Gary and I were at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp where Gary was a coach for the sport of surfing. I, on the other hand, spent the week resting in the cool and sometimes cold, (burrrrr) Santa Barbara weather. I was able to spend time with the Lord. I was telling Caleb I felt spiritually and physically renewed, he replied, “I prayed that for you, Mom.”

Caleb has asked me to forward this prayer request. Please pray for Fran she is Caleb’s occupational therapist. Caleb said, “If she is not a Christian by the time we are done working together, I know there will be a seed planted.” The other day Fran told Caleb, “Your shoulder is healing so fast, you must really be working hard.” Caleb replied, “Nope, but I sure pray!”

Caleb and our whole family thank each one of you for your continued love, support and prayers. Current prayer needs are, financial provision, continued healing, having wisdom regarding continued medical treatments and for spiritual and emotional healing for our family. Gary and I will be taking all the children to San Francisco for the last weekend in July. We are so excited as we look forward to celebrating being together and that Caleb is with us and alive!!!

We love YOU, Caleb, Dawn and the Barton’s 

Sometimes I Get Scared – Caleb Update - Monday, July 2, 2007

Tonight Caleb writes to each of you;

Sometimes I get scared my hand and arm will never work again, but I think of you and all the people that are covering me in prayer and a feeling of assurance that God is watching over me, fills my body and I know everything is going to be ok!

Current prayer needs, wisdom regarding medical care, provision- there are some big medical bills to pay this month, transportation for school starting in early August and last but not least…..continued healing of my arm and hand.

Thank you for sharing in this time of my life.


From Dawn;

Gary and I will be in Santa Barbara for the next four days and Caleb and his sister will be home alone. Please ask the Lord to guide people to reach out to Caleb and to also protect Caleb while we are gone.

We Are Blessed, Dawn



I would lose my arm again- Caleb Update - Sunday, June 17, 2007

“I would give my right arm again, because losing it caused us to draw closer.” “I am thankful for this last year and how it has drawn us closer.”

 These are the words Caleb wrote in our Mothers and Fathers Day cards. “I would give my right arm?” “I am thankful?” I stand speechless when I ponder these words our son wrote to us.” I have a lump in my throat when a try to respond, I have trouble even speaking. What do you say when your child expresses his deep deep love and need for you as his parent? What does it do to a parents heart when they realize God in heaven spoke these loving words to us, John 3:16 -15, For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but have eternal life. God did not send his Son to the world to condemn it but to save it.

Today this all is hitting close to home. He willingly sent his son so that we would spend eternity with him, and be able to draw closer to HIM while here on this earth. God in heaven created a deep deep need in our lives for our earthly father and mother, so deep, one would willingly lose a limb or be thankful for the pain just to draw closer to their earthly parents. How much more would I give to draw closer to my heavenly father, a limb? My child’s life? I cannot truthfully answer that question, however I do know that in the darkest hours, when we did not know if God was going to take our precious son home to be with Him. I felt God’s fatherly, tender, love for me and our son, I knew that he loved me beyond all comprehension and with that knowledge I had peace. Today celebrates month four of the accident. Love Dawn and the Barton Family


In Awe - Caleb Update - Monday, June 11, 2007

Can you hear me screaming? Screaming for joy? Did you think God would answer so quickly? He did. Today Caleb experienced some relief from his pain. Was it the increased prayer cover, the medications working or was it just a quinky dink? Caleb and I know that we serve a God who is faithful when we pray. That is why we need your prayers. Today when I was interviewing a little girl at work she said, “It is a mystery.” I remembered a long time ago when my mother in-law said, “Prayer is a mystery.” Just like the little girl today who looked amazed and in awe, I stand before you each tonight in awe of an awesome God who has blessed us with the mystery of answered prayer. Please continue to pray for Caleb’s pain, emotional, spiritual health and continued provision. We can not make it with out your prayers.

Love, Dawn Gary and Family


Caleb- update - Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thank you, each one for your emails, cards and continued prayers in response to my last posting on Caleb's web site. Our family is so blessed by the comforting scriptures, prays and thoughts included in your correspondence. Caleb’s hand looks better, the doctors were not able to pinpoint the reason it was looking so bad, but praise GOD it is better now. Caleb continues to suffer with pain in his right hand and it is wearing on him emotionally. Prayer for pain relief is our top priority right now; I can hardly wait to write the update telling you each how the Lord has answered our prayers!!! Unless you have been down this road or one like it might be very difficult to know how much it means to our family when you take the time and let us know that we are still in your thoughts and prayers. It is my goal to keep you posted daily, to praise God daily with you as he continues to work in Caleb’s life. Love, Dawn and The Barton Family


Prayer Needed - Caleb - Monday, June 4, 2007

Thank you for your continued love and support. This weekend was rough, Caleb has been in pain and his hand appears to be shriveling up, it looks like it has been in the water too long. Please pray for continued wisdom regarding medical decisions, provision, and spiritual heath for each one in our family, Paul, Caleb, Stephanie, Claire Rachel, Gary and Dawn. This last week was rough but have peace, that is possible because we know so many continue to lift Caleb and our entire family up to the Lord for our many needs and He is faithful.

Love, Dawn


Big Picture - Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Doubts and fears turn to trust because the circumstances of our struggles can not diminish the character of God and his care for us, HIS children. Our family and most of all Caleb are moving from the short term adjustments to more of the “Big picture.” Before Caleb’s last surgery he enrolling in couple of classes at the local college, he was attending OT 3x weekly and we were handing Caleb back his personal responsibilities. Gary and I are committed to helping Caleb regain his independence as soon as he can handle each responsibility. As parents it is hard to know when and how much to hand over, but as we seek the Lords guidance in these matters we have peace and assurance. God cares for our precious Caleb, in fact he cares for each one of us. Current prayer needs, Caleb’s transportation, Caleb needs a car, direction regarding continued medical care, a source of income for Caleb, he used to work with Gary when he was not in school, and most of all for continued physical, emotional and spiritual strength for each one of our family. This is a “Big picture” kind of incident and I am grateful knowing our God is a “Bid Picture” kind of God. Baby ApparelThank you each one for your continued prayers and support. We Love YOU, Dawn and the Barton Family


He Was Carring Me - Caleb Update - Sunday, May 27, 2007

“ A couple of weeks ago the young man who was riding motorcycles with Caleb the day of the accident was able to talk to Caleb about what he saw the day of the accident .He said,  Ã¢â‚¬Å“It looked like someone was carrying you, moving you away from the trees, walls and other obstacles that could have ended your life.” What he told Caleb only reinforces God is the bigger power at work here. You can try and rationalize it away, you can give it all kinds of others explanations, good luck, fortunate circumstances and a bunch of other rationales, but the truth is God has been and is still the one in control of Caleb’s life and his healing. The trip was not all we had hoped it would be, in fact the expericane was very different then we hoped for. But knowing the same hands that carried Caleb’s limp body across the landscape moving him from dangerous obstructions is the same set of hands that are moving our family across the landscape of this journey. The same hands that paid the ultimate price for each one of our sins and the same hands that reach out to each one of us every time we need them, they are there, I see them, in each and everyone of you, reaching out to us in ways that bless us, that reassure us and minister to us.

God Bless you and With Love, Caleb and The Barton Family


Uncertain - Caleb Update - Saturday, May 26, 2007

I am uncertain how to report on the surgery. Dr. Nath went into Caleb’s elbow and felt he was able to make some nerve connections that might help get some feelings and movement back in the wrist and hand. Gary reports that Dr. Nath informed them that it will take about a year and a half to know if the nerves are going to regenerate. That was hard news for them to hear, I guess it was hard for all of us to hear. He also reported that Caleb will need further Ortho surgeries and that it appeared there was much work to be done on the elbow if Caleb is to get any use of it. Gary and Caleb will be flying home tomorrow and Caleb will need to have his arm elevated for two weeks while the new wounds and the nerve graphs heal. As I pray and seek guidance I am assured that God remains in control of my son’s life and healing and although the Houston trip was not all we had hoped for, we know God remains in control and we continue to seek HIM and His will for our families and Caleb’s life. I know one thing for sure; Caleb would personally love to thank each one of you for your prayers, love and support. He will be making an effort to get out to the churches and organizations to thank each one and share what God has done and is doing in his life. Caleb and our family will really need your prayers and support as we continue to face the long term damage and as we wait on the Lord for his direction from this point forward.

Love, Dawn and The Barton Family.


EMG ? - Caleb - Thursday, May 24, 2007

“I don’t think the EMG reflects the damage correctly.” These are the words that greeted Gary and Caleb today when they met with Dr. Nath. Is it things are healing so quickly and miraculously? Or is it that the EMG was done wrong to begin with? Once again it appears God has been there before us. Healing Caleb, working in this faithful young mans life, honoring your many prayers! Tomorrow Caleb will go into surgery at about 6:30am Texas time and he will not likely need the eight hours that was initially scheduled as there has been healing in Caleb’s shoulder area. The main concern is with the forearm and the hand; the surgery will be directed to help Caleb regain some feeling and or movement in those two areas. Dr. Nath will do some exploratory surgery in order to make a full assessment of Caleb’s nerve damage. The news continues to be good, God continues to be God and we continue to be blessed. Please continue to pray as God leads you, we are so blessed by your faithfulness.

Love, Dawn and The Barton Family


Texas - Caleb - Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gary and Caleb flew out of the Palm Springs airport this afternoon at about 4:00pm. Gary called to night reporting he and Caleb were on their way to the hotel. The pre opt appointment is tomorrow at 2:00pm. Gary and Caleb will be meeting with Dr. Nath for the first time. I ask that as each one of you thinks and prays for Caleb and Gary that you would ask the Lord to impress on each one of your hearts what God would have you pray for.  Thank you, each one of you, who have lifted Caleb and our family up to the Lord so faithfully, your prayers, emails and your many ways of showing your love to us keeps us going, I heard myself say the other day, we are tired but not discouraged, how could we be discouraged with each one of you praying and God answering?

NO Worries - Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yesterday, Caleb had an opportunity to thank some of you when he went to Kings School and he gave his personal testimony and thanked all of the schools children, staff and parents who so faithfully prayed and in numerous ways showed their support to him and our family. (See the new pictures of Caleb in the photo gallery of the website.) Tomorrow May 23, 2007, Gary and Caleb leave for Houston Texas. On Thursday, Caleb will have his pre opt appointment and on Friday he will have his three nerve graph transfers. The surgery is eight or so hours long and I will be sending out an email update on the times of the surgery so we can be praying for him while the surgeon attempts to reconnect Caleb’s nerves. Between work and preparing for this trip our family continues to rely on each of you, on each other and of course on the Lord who tells us “not to worry about tomorrow.” I know that worry is a burden that God never meant for us to bear and with that in mind I look for what the day holds and I will trust the Lord for the many needs that the next week holds.

We Love YOU, Dawn and The Barton Family


Delayed update - Caleb - Thursday, May 10, 2007

We have been busy preparing for the trip to Houston, working, getting Caleb to the many doctor’s appointments and forcing ourselves to rest in the Lord, even when it seems that fear will come and take control of the day. There was a great saying in my morning devotional that I used though out the day today. “Courage is fear covered in prayer." Man was that the truth today..... We received a telephone call from Dr. Nath’s office informing us that Caleb’s insurance company said we had to use another doctor in our area in order to get the surgery covered. Fear ran through me and I started to feel that Caleb was not going to get the help he needed. After a couple of angry telephone calls Caleb said, “MOM God has not brought us this far this easily to let us down now.” So I ask that you would join us in prayer once again in asking the Lord to help the insurance company get the information they need from Dr. Nath quickly. We know there are no doctors in the area that can do these surgeries and if there is they have not done many. God continues to bless Caleb and our family with the resources to pay the many medical bills and travel expenses. Yes; there is truly no need to question HIM now. Caleb has written an update on the donation page of the web site and is working on a update for the daily update section. Thank you for standing in the gap, even when we have not been faithful to keep you updated, you are all awesome and we love you, Dawn and the Barton Family,


We Continue To Be Blessed - Thursday, April 26, 2007

It has been almost a week since I have sent an update and boy does a week go by fast. We have an appointment with a new Ortho surgeon, we are hopeful he will have a better overall approach to Caleb’s many fractures and the rod situation in his right front forearm. Caleb still has an open wound on the right forearm, please pray that the wound care team would be ale to get the wound to close this next week. Last week they found a stitch that had not dissolved and a “tunnel.” The wound team was hopeful the wound would close after they treated it but as of yet it remains open. June is rapidly approaching and we waiting to hear from the planner for Dr, Nath. Next week we hope to start preparation and planning. So the prayer requests are as follows, healing for the wound and the bones, wisdom for the new Ortho surgeon, provision and strength as we prepare for the Houston trip. Your prayers continue to make the difference, they have given us peace when there are reasons to be worried, strength to finish the many responsibilities we are faced with each day and comfort when we are feeling scared for the future. We are blessed to have each one of you praying for Caleb and our family.

Love, Dawn and The Barton Family


Faithful Prayers = More Answers - Sunday, April 22, 2007

Caleb has a “child like” faith that is a great source of inspiration. Towards the end of last week I asked for prayer regarding the serious nausea and I asked that we would find the source of the nausea. Caleb became convinced the pain medications where causing the serious nausea and he began to slowly reduce the amount of pain medications he took daily. As of to night the nausea has been greatly reduced and when asked about it he will simply tell you, “I prayed about it and I knew I needed to trust God and reduce the pain medications.”  As of tonight the pain is manageable and the nausea reduced, awesome. There are many details to take care of this week, there is no doubt that your prayers have been a guiding force in guiding our medical decisions and I am asking that this week you would pray that we would find an ortho surgeon we feel more comfortable with, that we would hear from Dr. Nath’s office and we would began the planning process for Caleb’s nerve graph surgery, our family’s emotional and spiritual health and don’t forget to look forward to the answers we will be seeing this week. I will keep you posted. Caleb’s faith has been rewarded; each one of you has been blessing given to him and we thank God for each one of you daily.

Love, Dawn and the Barton Family


Thank You - Caleb - Thursday, April 19, 2007

Caleb is doing better handling his day to day routine however; he is suffering greatly with nausea. Prayer that we can figure out what is causing the nausea, our family’s spiritual and emotional health and that we would have the ability to make the necessary arrangements in Houston and for continued provision regarding our need to relocate during the three nerve graph surgeries.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support, we have a long way to go but with your love, support and faithful prayers we can walk this journey God has allowed for us.

Love, Dawn and the Barton Family


One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus-Caleb - Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Today Dr, Nath accepted Caleb as a patient! Our family rejoices because he feels that with several nerve graphs and more Ortho surgery Caleb can get some use of his arm. His office staff will be calling the next couple of days to schedule his surgery appointments. Today was a hard day for Caleb; while I was at work he became confused regarding his medicine schedule and as he is very nauseous. Tonight he is still nauseous and has not had an appetite. Caleb has pain in the right forearm that has been unmanageable today, to night it seems to be getting even worse. Please pray regarding Caleb’s pain and for us to be able to come up with a routine for Caleb while I am at work. God answers prayer and has told us to not worry about tomorrow, today has enough trouble of his own. We are thanking God for his faithfulness one day at a time.

Love Dawn and The Barton Family.


Faith = Miracles - Caleb - Monday, April 16, 2007


After a long weekend we finally saw the Ortho surgeon today. He x-rayed Caleb’s arm and the x-ray indicted the rod was in place! What, how can that be, can a rod move back in place? Not likely the doctor replied. After reviewing the exit wound on Caleb’s elbow and our report of our experience in the ER over the weekend the doctor replied, “Look, it is place now.” We were sent to the wound care people to tend to the elbow wound and the open wound on Caleb’s forearm. When we arrived Caleb sat down and started recounting the weekend and said, “My mom and I think it was the prayer and it was another miracle.”  Everyone in the room was silent; Caleb didn’t even notice he just kept telling how the Lord had worked this all out for him! Again we send our heartfelt thanks for the prayers on behalf of Caleb this weekend. Caleb needs that ROD and GOD knew it! We are in contact with a couple of surgeons, we have decided to go ahead and work with a surgeon named Dr. Nath who has an institute out of Houston Texas. Please pray that we will be able to work out all the logistics this week that God would continue to provide provision, Caleb’s emotional and spiritual health as I return back to work tomorrow and for peace that surpasses all understanding.

Love, Dawn and The Barton Family


Please Praise The Lord With Us - Saturday, April 14, 2007

Last night Caleb and I were sitting in the back yard talking about all the blessings we have received and lessons learned regarding the personality of God. Caleb’s injury has allowed us to see God at work in away that many do not have the honor of experiencing and so we feel it is our responsibly  to share the blessings, praise, rejoice and ask for your continued prayers and support as we continue to step forward in faith believing that all things work together for good. Yesterday, I spoke with the medical assistant from the Baltimore surgeon, she informed me that they were not able to make an earlier appointment with all the doctors who are involved, and she reassured me she would be working on it again Monday. Caleb has a pressure spot on his elbow, it appears the rod in his arm may be trying to exit, it may be that the rod slipped loose and it pushing on the elbow. We are going to look for another Ortho surgeon to get a second opinion. But for today, for the weekend we are going to rejoice and praise the Lord for the many wonderful things he has already done. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You and may the Lord richly bless you for being so faithful to one of his own.

Love, Dawn and The Barton Family


Caleb - update - Friday, April 13, 2007

Yesterday Caleb told me he has enjoyed hearing from other people on the web site who have been though the same kind of injury. Others who have walked the road he is walking. He expressed frustration because he said he doesn’t think anyone who hasn’t been though this kind of injury really “understands how he feels, the emotions and the pain.” So, let’s pray!! Let’s ask the Lord to bring others who have walked this road into Caleb’s life, other Christians who would be called to spend time with Caleb sharing their experience, while validating his. Yesterday went better than expected, I returned to work and immediately felt loved and supported. So many of my co workers expressed their support and concern for me and for Caleb, I felt loved and blessed. Caleb did well; his dad was in and out of the house so he helped Caleb with the few details Caleb needed help with. Yesterday the Baltimore surgeon’s medical assistant called and informed us that Dr. Belzberj would like to see Caleb earlier then originally thought and she informed me that they would be calling today with an earlier date. No news from the Dr. in Israel, and we will be meeting with the new neurology department chair at Loma Linda on this coming Monday. With all the love and support, the delivered steaks and cheese potatoes (you know who you are!) and the continued prayed on behalf of our family makes the tight rope walk “walk able.” Thank you,

Love Dawn and the Barton Family


Waiting - Caleb - Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Lord I now that you are hearing me and all my brothers and sisters praying. I know that you are powerful and wise. Help us to wait patiently and to trust you for YOUR good and perfect answers on behalf of our family. The past couple of days have been about waiting, waiting to hear from the surgeons. Today we did not hear from the surgeon in Israel but we did hear from the surgeon at John Hopkins in Baltimore. He is asking that the EMG test be repeated and that we bring Caleb to his clinic to have the test preformed and to meet him. We are planning to take Caleb to Baltimore on May 23, 2007. Meanwhile we will be seeing the doctor who is the new department chairman of neurology at Loma Linda, he specializes in nerve damage due to trauma. We continue to look to the Lord for direction and would ask that you would pray that God would open the door to another surgeon sooner if that is His Will for Caleb. Caleb was in overall good spirits today; he and his dad went to the ortho surgeon today where Caleb was able to think about movement in his wrist and caused it to happen!! Caleb has asked for prayer regarding his hand, he has asked for healing of the joints. Tomorrow I start back to work and again because of your continued prayers I can face another challenge and place my son in the hands of his heavenly father. Thank you each one for your thoughtful gifts, and your faithful prayers, we are truly blessed. &l 

Adjustments - Caleb - Monday, April 9, 2007


Today was a day to stop and feel the many changes in our lives. Our daughter Stephanie is moving to Texas tomorrow and we continue to adjust to the many daily changes and demands of Caleb’s condition and what it means to our daily lives. The daily Occupational Therapy is very hard on Caleb, his hand and palm are bruised from the Occupational Therapy and he does not trust his therapist, please pray for Caleb that we would have peace regarding his therapist or that the Lord would impress on us if we need to look somewhere else for therapy. I am headed back to work this Thursday, that means that Caleb will be home alone much of the day and I ask for prayer that he would not become alone and isolated. No word from the doctor’s today regarding whether or not they can or will treat Caleb. I can tell his is concerned and even a little fearful as he waits. Today was a day for feeling the God given feelings that come with being human and trusting that God is able to continue to do great things that no matter the circumstances in life, we can face them with confidence knowing each one of you are praying, holding us up to our Lord who loves each one of us. Thank you.

Love, Dawn and the Barton Family


Celebrating Disappointments - Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Yesterday started with a challenge, “We will have to have a lot of faith" as Caleb put it. God was faithful in so many personal ways. Right after I got home yesterday I emailed all of you asking for prayer and you each responded with emails and prayers that encouraged us, within a half hour a beautiful fruit and cheese Easter basket arrived to our home, our pastor arrived unannounced a couple of hours later, last night a sister in the Lord called and gave us the name of another neurosurgeon from John Hopkins University who she knew personally someone she thought would look at Caleb’s tests she also happened to be a massage therapist who has worked with paralyzed limbs, she offered to help Caleb for no cost to us, this morning Dr. Roberts called and informed us he had gone over all of Caleb’s tests and paper work and there were three very important tests missing, he called his friend who owns DMI in Palm Springs and Caleb will be seen at 11:30am today for three MRI's !! Gary said, “it’s not what you know it is who you know and we know GOD. This morning I was reminded to celebrate my disappointments no matter what the outcome, celebrate them by counting my blessings. Psalm 30:31 says, you have turned form me my morning into dancing. 

Caleb Prayer Needed - Tuesday, April 3, 2007

“This is going to take a lot of faith, mom.” These are the words of my dear son Caleb said after meeting with Dr. Roberts today. While Dr. Roberts spoke it seemed like time began to slow down. He was talking and could see by the look on Caleb’s face he was not prepared to hear the words, “severe, Christopher Reeve like injury, not likely to get any use of the arm.” The words were hard to here, and I could tell it was hard for Dr. Roberts to say them to us. After the initial report he said the magic words again, the words that made me realize that God wanted me to know that he was there, taking care of Caleb through Dr. Roberts. The words, “If this were my son I would call the doctor in Israel who is currently doing a study on this kind of injury, and he is having some success. It turns out Dr. Roberts has become a friend of this doctor and will be calling him today to see if he would see Caleb.” Please pray for us, there are many reports needed that are not ready, the surgery needs to be done with in three months of the injury and the doctor in Israel needs to agree to treat Caleb.

Thank you for your prayers in advance, I know you are all faithful and we need each one of you right now.

We Love you and look forward to reporting the results of your many prayers.

Dawn and The Barton Family


Another Tommorow - Monday, April 2, 2007

Tomorrow at 8:00 am Caleb and I will be meeting with our family friend, Doctor Roberts and going over the results of the EMG. Please pray that Lord would give the doctor wisdom and that God would work through him guiding us into the next phase of care for Caleb. Today Caleb's pain appeared manageable most of the day, when Caleb tries to do much of anything the pain increases so it is a fine balance between getting up and doing things and keeping the pain under control. A couple of the wounds on Caleb's arm have reopened and they are being taken care of by the occupational therapy team working with him. I am not going to tell you that I am not a little nervous about the doctor appointment tomorrow, but because I know you are all praying for us I have the strength to face tomorrow.

Love, Dawn and the Barton Family


Peace - Caleb - Sunday, April 1, 2007

 Caleb appeared more peaceful today and his pain appeared to be managed most of the day with the current medications he is on. Caleb also enjoyed the time spent with his grandparents and the encouragement they offered while staying with us. We have another long week ahead of us and knowing that you are all praying for us and lifting our needs to our Savior gives us peace as we approach the new week and all it has for us.

Love, Dawn and the Barton Family


Family - Saturday, March 31, 2007

On Friday my cousin Kathy and Gary's parents arrived to Palm Springs to see Caleb and to stay with us. Caleb’s Aunt Shery and Uncle Don came and the cousins were in and out through out the day. All of this to say that our families have been such a source of strength and have been both supportive and sensitive to our families changing needs. Yesterday the trauma doctor took the stitches and the PICC line out of Caleb's arms and he went to occupational therapy later in the day, he was exhausted. Caleb has been very angry the last couple of days, he is struggling with the reality and the limitations and it grieves me as I watch him. I know that Caleb has to go though the many emotions that come with such a huge loss and yet the only peace I can find is in revisiting the many miracles of this story and remembering God has been with us each step of the way. We have so many things to be thankful for and so tonight I thank the Lord for our earthly families who have proven to be a source of strength when we most needed it. To night I ask for prayer for Caleb’s emotional and spiritual health, pain management and courage for the family as we face the next week and the results of the EMG test. Our family, our entire family is so grateful for your continued prayer support. Because you have been so faithful we will have the courage to face the future and all that God has for us.

Love Dawn and The Barton Family


Role Modles - Update Caleb - Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am so blessed to have so many role models in my life. While Caleb was in the hospital my dear friend RoseAnn arrived almost daily with a smile, an encouraging word, prayer shawls and a prayer. This week the Lord took my dear friends son Bill home to be with him. When I received the email from Rose Ann I wondered if my mother’s heart could stand another heart break, and when I arrived for the memorial service today I felt shattered. In the front of the room there stood a large picture of her beloved son and I immediately thought of how close we came to losing our precious son and I cried. By the end of the service the pain disappeared and was replaced with the hope that Bill was truly in a better place and his parents knew it. When Caleb was first taken into surgery and we did not know if he would live though it, I had a peace, a peace that Caleb loved the Lord and he would be with his father should he decide to call my son home.Caleb started his day feeling so well that he got up, ate breakfast, cleaned up his room and reported his hand felt much better. By 11:00 am, he was throwing up and complaining of a head ache, by the early eve he began to feel a little stronger. Tomorrow he will see the trauma surgeon and we are hopeful he will take al the stitches out of Caleb’s forearm, he will also be the one to give the order to remove the dreaded PICC Line. Like the many role models in my life today I desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to honor them and their families by demonstrating all I have learned from them to those God has put in my path. Thank you for the faithful prayers, your commitment to serve the Lord by serving our family and being the hands and feet of our Lord to us during this time.


The Starting Line - Wednesday, March 28, 2007

 Today Caleb and I woke up feeling as Caleb put it, “beat up.”  Yesterday was rough on Caleb, the test was invasive and left us both feeling a little “worn out.” The good news is the medical staff assured us the results of the test would be faxed to the attending physicians within a couple day’s not a couple of weeks like we had originally been told. The looks on the physicians faces lead me to believe that what they where seeing on the test screen was not good. What the neurologist reported was that she knew for sure that there were nerves involved from more then one place. She explained to us that there was a new department chair of the Nero Surgery Department coming to the university in two weeks and his specialty is in trauma nerve damage. Awesome!! She assured us that while Caleb’s injury was severe, the results of the testing were the starting place, not the finish line.Caleb had a good day Sunday and Monday and it appeared the medications were working. Caleb is going to OT daily at 5:00pm and receiving help with “passive movement” and skin care. I want you each to know that our family continues to believe there are many more miracles to come and yes, the test results are the starting line, not the finish line, the place we begin see and accept the plan God has for Caleb’s and our family’s life. Current prayer needs are the “pulling” Caleb is feeling in his hand, our family’s emotional and spiritual health and wisdom regarding the many medical decisions to make.We are truly blessed and thankful for the opportunity to see God work this modern day miracle.


Caleb update - Monday, March 26, 2007

Tomorrow is a big day for Caleb. We will be going to Loma Linda Hospital where they will conduct an EMG. The EMG test will be read by a Neurologist who will then write a report. We will have the results of the EMG in a couple of weeks. The primary thing this test will tell us is if the nerves are severed or if they were badly stretched. Either way, three are treatment options along with the needed Ortho surgeries that might allow some use of the arm. We were told the test can be painful. Please pray that Caleb will have peace, he will be relaxed and test won’t be as painful as were told. God has worked so many miracles on our behalf because of each of your faithful prayers; let’s see what miracles he has for us tomorrow!


Caleb Update - Sunday, March 25, 2007
Today I was able to go to church for the first time since Caleb’s injury. I was blessed by the outpouring of Love shown to me and a part of me was assured again as I realized so many continue to pray and God continues to us this accident for HIS glory. Caleb had a good day today, his pain appeared manageable and his spirits were good. Caleb walked around the back yard today and his dad and I rejoiced! This week there are many appointments; decisions and the need for endurance are top three prayer requests this week.

Love, Dawn and The Barton Family  

Two for One Sale - Saturday, March 24, 2007
Thank you for the many emails and blog posts that provided us with the strength to not only face another day, but start the day with the assurance that you all are praying. Today turned out more relaxing then normal. I was able to go to the gym for an hour with some friends, my sister in law and I visited in the back yard, our older son Paul came home for several days to help with Caleb’s needs and a couple of people from our church small group came by and reassured Caleb they and many others were praying for him. Also, one of my nieces wrote me and shared a story of how God provided for her and her son, it was truly a day of encouragement. God made himself known, not only though His people, He also showed me how He is the God of all things. Today I had to go to the store to pick up several over the counter medications for Caleb. I have to admit I was a little stressed about the expense, not because I didn’t have any money, but because I was worrying about the loss of my income. For some reason I went to the “other” store close by and found most of the items I needed "happened" to be on sale, but the best thing was all three over the counter medications were on sale “two for one.” I smile to myself and acknowledged that God once again who knows me better than anyone, knew I needed that sale today….and I thanked Him for loving me so much. Caleb continues to struggle with pain I am not sure this is a good hand splint for him, there are many, many financial and medical details we have to work out, and our family’s emotional and spiritual health continues to our top our prayer requests tonight. We know your prayers are being herd and we are being blessed because of your faithfulness.

Thank You.  

New Pictues on the Caleb's Web Site - Thursday, March 22, 2007

Check out the new pictures on the web site…..see Gary at work, Caleb at home and the Crew that frequently visited, prayed and supported Caleb while in the hospital.

Today Caleb was fitted with a new sling and hand piece. He says his hand feels more supported and the sling allows his arm to be extended at a 45 degree angle, this is important because this angle allows the arm pit to better heal.

Tomorrow he has an appointment with the Ortho surgeon for follow up on his many fractures. Caleb’s fractures are a rare kind and the surgeon is still sorting out some of the treatment approaches and the need for more testing due to the reduction of the swelling in Caleb’s arm and ankle. Caleb’s pain has increased greatly today and tonight due to the new hand splint and he has asked that we pray for pain relief in his hand for tonight and that he would be ale to get a good night rest as he has another long day ahead of him tomorrow. You all know the current prayer needs and it is because of that we can rest and stand confidently, knowing we are not in this alone.

 Love, Dawn and the Barton family


If You Were My Son – Caleb - Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Close family and friends know that while Caleb was in the hospital I asked the surgeons, and attending medical staff, “What would you do if this was your son?” I was frustrated because not one of them responded to this question which left me wondering, was my son getting the best care possible? Today Caleb and I went to meet our family friend who just “happened" to be a Physician who specializes in physical rehabilitation!!! Imagine knowing someone for so many years and come to find out God knew all along we would need him in such a special way. Caleb and I sat down in his office and our friend looked Caleb straight in his eyes and said, "If you were my son this is what I would do.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the words I had longed for. So for the next hour we talked about the current needs and plans and when we left Caleb and I had such a peace, a peace that someone was looking after the details of his care, someone who was treating him like his own son. Much of Caleb’s treatment plan is centered on the nerve testing being done at Loma Linda University Hospital next Tuesday, March 27, 2007. Today we managed to get through all our appointments without incident, Caleb reports that today his pain was "manageable" and the plan for future treatment looks much brighter. The next couple of day's will be busy, but we know that you all are praying for our son as if he was yours and that is more then any mother could hope or dream for.

Love, Dawn and the Barton Family  

Prayer for Tommorow-Caleb - Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today was quiet and Caleb said the pain was manageable. He started to get worried that if I told you what he said that you would stop praying!!! I told him you all knew this was a long haul and you were all in it with us, he smiled. Tomorrow the day starts at 8:00 am at the doctor’s office who is our friend and we will be going over Caleb’s treatment options and ideas for further medical care. He has three more appointments through out the day….please pray for endurance, pain management and clear direction regarding Caleb’s continued need for care. Thank you for “sticking “ it out with us…..we can walk this road knowing you each continue to walk beside us.

Love, Dawn and that Barton Family


Caleb's Praise Report - Monday, March 19, 2007

I asked Caleb if he had any prayer requests, he responded that he did not have any new requests but he had a praise. He wanted you all to know that his pain appeared more manageable today even after a couple of hours of occupational therapy!!! While at the therapist they dressed his wounds and all except the stitching under his arm looked good. The arm pit still looks a little infected but they cleaned it out as best as they could. Prayer cover for the pain, infection, further medical care and emotional heath are being herd. I once herd someone say, “Can you imagine what it would be like if all the Christians prayed all of the time?” Yes, I can imagine, we were and are at the receiving end of those prayers and we are humbled.

Love, Dawn and the Barton Family


Facing Tommorow - Sunday, March 18, 2007

Today I just couldn’t stop humming the old hymn, “Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow.” Knowing that Jesus is alive and continues to shine his face upon us through all of you and your tender, merciful and faithful prayers, thoughts of kindness and your willingness to help in anyway.

 Caleb’s hand was very painful today, he is doubling the pain medications he was given. He is asking for prayer in this matter. Caleb is hooked to an IV for IV antibiotics and his father has become the medical person in this family!! I have tried to hook the tube to the “port” and that's when I get light headed. Tomorrow and the rest of the week hold many appointments, meetings and TONS of paper work!!! There is no doubt, Caleb and our family are doing as well as we are because of all your prayers. Please continue to pray for the pain, continued medical decisions, and our family’s emotional and spiritual health.

We love each one of you and thank each one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Love, Dawn and the Barton Family




One Month - Saturday, March 17, 2007
When I think back to one month ago today I am over come by emotion as read and ponder what someone emailed me today, she said, “One month ago it was truly a question of life or death and here it is the answer is life!" The email was a great reminder of all the daily miracles we have experienced and that reality gives us hope for Caleb's future. I must admit the reality of Caleb's injury and subsequent limitations are at times an extremely painful reality and the exhaustion of the last month is showing up as we daily handle the care of Caleb and the regular daily demands. I think back to a month ago and I am so grateful the answer was life and I look forward to all God has for our son and our family. I pray that we would not forget the many that have prayed and are still praying, the daily miracles, God’s generous provisions and the ability to do all things through HIM that strengthens me. Without each of you this month would not have been all it was…..Thank You.


Dawn and the Barton Family 

Rest - Thursday, March 15, 2007

For me today was a day of rest. As of last night, Gary took over the medical needs, IV medications, Caleb’s daily care and his first trip to physical therapy. I am thankful to have the day off. Caleb is resting well, enjoying his dogs and he appears to be open to whatever plans God has for him. There are still many concerns for his continued care and treatment, but you know the concerns and needs. So tonight our family rests in knowing that you are lifting Caleb and our family to the Lord, Goodnight, Dawn and the Barton Family


Caleb Was Released Today!!! - Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Caleb was released from the hospital today!!!! The trip home made him good and tired but he felt better when his dogs, Abasy and Icky greeted him. Caleb has been eating and sleeping most of the day, he appears comfortable so far. Tomorrow he is seen by the local physical therapist, OUCH, and he has a very important doctor’s appointment at Loma Linda hospital on March 27, 2007, when we will find out how much nerve damage was done and what if anything can be done to help Caleb gain some use of his arm. As of today the reports are that he will not gain any use of his hand, but there is hope that within a year or more he might gain some movement and sensation in his arm. We report to you what we are being told but we are asking God to heal Caleb we are asking for another miracle…will you join us? We are asking that God would lead us to the right doctors, rehab and medical people who can help restore our sons arm and hand....we know that God has great plans for our son and that we have hope in.

Will you REJOICE with us!!!!!,     Love, The Barton Family 

Believing All Things Work Together For Good - Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Believing that all things work together for good….here is how the day went. I went to the hospital this morning and after seeing Caleb I decided to run to the bank and run home to start some dinner. At about 11:30am, as I was unloading the groceries from the car, my cell phone rang and it was Caleb calling to let me know that he had been discharged from the hospital several days early and would need an IV set up at home to complete his antibiotics.. I telephoned Gary and he got someone to cover his volleyball practice and by 1:00 pm we were both at the hospital ready to take Caleb home.

At 7:30pm we were informed the pain doctor was not going to make it to the hospital and Caleb would not be discharged until tomorrow morning. Caleb is ready to come home….he was scared to come home yesterday and I thank the Lord that he I ready to come home tomorrow. I don’t know why God does things the way he does but I trust HIM even in what appears to be the “mess up’s.”

Caleb’s pain is so much better managed, it has been over twenty four hours since he has asked for a shot, we continue to need prayer for wisdom in discharge planning, Caleb and the family’s emotional health and physical endurance. We continue to be blessed because of you, The Barton Family


God's Mysterious Ways - Monday, March 12, 2007

I marvel at the mysterious way God works in our lives. Caleb remains in the hospital to night because last night he had a fever and he has an infection in his right arm. What amazes me is that as of yesterday the pain team has put together a group of pain medications that has kept Caleb pretty comfortable today, physical therapy will be conducting an assessment of Caleb tomorrow and it allows us a little more time to get things ready for him at home. I am learning to wait on God to trust HIM with the needs of the day and of the tomorrows. All of this to say, God is answering our many prayers.

Caleb has a couple of medical procedures tomorrow that he is anxious about, may I ask that each one of you ask the Lord to calm Caleb’s heart to night and to protect Caleb through the procedures tomorrow. Yes, Gods ways are mysterious and many times they baffle me, but knowing that you are all praying and standing in the gap for my son and our family allows me to put my trust in a loving, mysterious and merciful God. We Love YOU, Dawn and the Barton Family



Endurance to Run the Race - Sunday, March 11, 2007

Please continue to pray for these concerns, Caleb’s pain management, his discharge plan, needed supplies and our family’s emotional health and endurance. Endurance to run the race set before us.

We Love You, The Barton Family


Blesssed To Be Alive - Saturday, March 10, 2007
Today when the trauma surgeon made his rounds he said to Caleb, “Now that you are officially in recovery I think you should know that I was worried for your life several times while performing surgery on you." He continued to say," I had to inject something into your heart during surgery because your heart rate was dropping and I thought you might expire." The surgeon explained to Caleb that he had done his job and that God had done his. It meant alot to Caleb that the surgeon recognized that God spared his life and it was another reminder of how close we came to losing Caleb. The surgeon went on to explain that Caleb has a long road ahead of him and that the next hurdle is to see if Caleb can get any use out of the right arm. On a more practical note we are preparing for Caleb to return home sometime early next week. We are facing the limitations that Caleb's injury has placed on him and we are planning for his return home, the needed supplies and furniture is something we can use prayer for. Please continue to pray for pain management, that the infection clears up and for provision and planning for Caleb's discharge. Once again tears roll down my cheeks as I read the many posts that remind me of the many miracles and answered prayers we have received, we look forward to all God has for us 

Peace as my partner - Friday, March 9, 2007

Today, the peace that surpasses all understanding has been my partner. Other news today, is that Caleb's infection is responding well to the medications, so far today he has only been on oral pain medications and the doctors are talking about discharge this coming Monday. Caleb still needs several weeks of just healing and what better place to do that then home. We have received several ideas for rehab and are waiting for the peace that comes with Gods direction. Thank you, thank you for stepping up and standing in the gap for our family, we are blessed because of you. The Barton Family


Nightly Prayer for Caleb - Thursday, March 8, 2007

Today was another long day full of medical staff doing their very best for Caleb. Caleb’s arm is infected and he is back on IV antibiotics. Pain Management continues to be a prayer need and so is discharge planning. Today a brace was put on Caleb’s arm and a hand splint due to his hand starting to contract inward. He is very uncomfortable but still thanks the medical staff when they come and help him. Walking the line between the reality of Caleb’s condition and hope was a tight rope walk today, but I know that you are all praying and so I walk, one step in front of the other. Gary is finally feeling better and I am thankful for that. Your prayers, cards, and continued love are so important to us, we are so grateful for all the expressions of love. The Barton Family


Caleb prayer update - Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Every time we are faced with a decision we revisit the daily miracles in Caleb’s life. God has done so many miracles many of which I will be sharing in a Barton Family Praise New Letter. Today Caleb’s pain level was noticeably better! There is no doubt Gods has herd your prayers. Tomorrow the pain doctors will be attempting to take Caleb off the narcotics and working with a pain management plan that would allow Caleb to return home and continue his healing. Please pray the doctors would have God’s wisdom as they plan Caleb’s discharge. Please Lord show each doctor what your discharge plan is for Caleb, we lay this matter in your hands. We are truly experiencing miracles each day because of your prayers, love and support.  We Love You, The Barton Family


Caleb Surgery Update - Tuesday, March 6, 2007

To night is night filled with the peace that God promises and the shear exhaustion that comes with watching someone you love suffer. Caleb’s surgery was a huge success, in fact the doctors did not have to skin graph as they anticipated, the doctors were able to sew the two wounds closed. Caleb was in horrible pain and there were some post surgery mix ups that caused him to suffer for several hours. To night when I left the hospital he appeared to be resting comfortably. Tomorrow we meet with a case planner regarding Caleb’s discharge and where he should go for follow up care. Every day God has provided beyond our wildest dreams and so we look forward to tomorrow and the great plans God has for us. P.S. Gary is still very ill and is in need of your healing prayers. Forever grateful, Dawn and the Barton Family


Caleb update - Monday, March 5, 2007
Today Caleb was more comfortable due the doctors putting him back on the narcotic injections. Tomorrow at about the doctors will be performing a skin graph on the two large wounds on Caleb’s right forearm. Continued prayer for wisdom for the pain doctor, feeling and movement in Caleb’s right arm and continued healing of the skin vein graph and the arm are needed. God is good and we once again want you each to know that we love each one of you and thank you for your continued prayers, love and support. We are blessed.

The Barton Family 

Caleb - Sunday, March 4, 2007

Thank you to those who have emailed or blogged approaches to manage Caleb’s pain. Today Caleb is a little more comfortable because the doctors resumed the narcotic injections last night. Many of you have asked about registering for email updates. There have been a couple of times I have sent a quick email and not posted an update. Please register for email updates so we can stay more intimately connected. We are humbled  and greatful, Dawn, Gary and Family.


Caleb Update - Saturday, March 3, 2007

On Friday 03/3/2007, all five surgeons agreed Caleb needed the catheter inserted in his spine and run into his neck to help with pain management. This morning the procedure was done, however Caleb is in the worst pain he has been in so far. All five of the surgeons have informed us that Caleb’s injury is rare and therefore difficult to treat. Please continue to pray for him. Pray as the Lord leads you, pray that His will be done.

The main trauma surgeon informed us he would be performing a skin graph on Monday or Tuesday. We will be looking into pain treatment centers that have treated this kind of injury, please ask the Lord for guidance. Our family remains grateful for the continued prayers and support …..we covet your prayers and appreciate each one of you and your heartfelt love and support. The Barton Family


Continued Prayer - Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Today our pastor asked Caleb what Caleb needed prayer for. Caleb asked that our pastor pray for pain management, reduced swelling of the arm and that the doctor would be able to sew up the two large wounds on his arm or skin graph them. Today Caleb saw the pain specialist who decided to perform a "nerve block" in hopes of eliminating the nerve pain in Caleb's arm. Caleb’s trauma surgeon will also be looking at Caleb's open wounds to see if they can take the wound machine off his arm and close the wounds up. Let us pray in agreement that the Lord is with the surgeon tomorrow morning 02/28/2007, while performing the nerve block and that the surgery will be successful in treating Caleb’s pain. We witnesses miracles everyday because of your prayers… Caleb got up and walked around the building….praise the Lord for his goodness to us.


Caleb Barton Update - Monday, February 26, 2007

Mornings are for Gary and Caleb. Every morning from 5:00am until I get to the hospital are set aside for father and son. It reminds me of how my Father in heaven longs to spend time with me. Yesterday Caleb told his dad and I that while the accident was occurring, he knew that God was going to spare his life and that he did not deserve it. Furthermore, Caleb said that he was not “on point” with his heavenly father, that although he had been pure in thoughts and deeds he was wrestling with the idea that he needed God to help him make all of his decisions. Caleb said, “I am grateful he is showing me I need HIM for everything decision and for every minute of everyday.” Today Caleb faces many medical procedures, pain, and uncertainty, but he knows that when he is at his weakest he will feel God’s strength. “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in his weakness.” 11 Corinthians 12:9

Thanking God for each and every one of you today.

Love, The Barton Family


Prayer needed - Monday, February 26, 2007

Today has been a rough day for Caleb. He is in severe pain again. Caleb's teeth and gums are hurting and so is his arm. Today while one of the nurses was dressing Caleb’s wound the nurses aide pulled Caleb’s arm up to high and jerked it…….ugh. The doctors are having trouble communicating and agreeing on the pain medication approach and we need wisdom. Please continue to ask the Lord for these specific things, the pain is hard on Caleb emotionally, it makes it hard for him to heal. Thank you for your continued prayers. Love, The Barton Bunch


Quick update - Sunday, February 25, 2007
It amazes me how much can be packed into one day. We plan to share some new photos with you tommorow. For tonight please continue to pray for good pain management, feeling in his arm and hand, and emotional healing. Please rejoice with us as we see God at work answering the prayers of many who love Caleb and our family. We Once again thank you...don't forget to log in so we can send you prayer updates. 

The Hands of Jesus - Saturday, February 24, 2007

During the first couple of days of Caleb’s accident there was such an out pouring of food and support Gary and I were able to put all of the food in the hospital court yard and invite the other trauma families to join us. One of these families who joined us was Alma and Fausto’s family. Alma is in her late twenties and her precious husband Fausto remains in the trauma ICU and is paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors are still ruling out brain damage. Please pray for Fausto's healing, that Alma would find peace in  a realtionship with Jesus and that Gary and I would not miss a “God appointed opportunity” to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those suffering around us With out each of you we would not have the strength to reach out beyond out own situation, but because of all the prayers we know that all things are possible! We Love YOU.


Caleb- Update - Friday, February 23, 2007

Today was full of meetings with surgeons, medical staff and as the medical psychologist who visited us today said, “finding the balance between the reality of Caleb’s condition and hope.” Facing the reality of Caleb’s injuries with out the hope that God is at work in Caleb’s life, is almost bone crushing. Today they vacuumed sealed the very large open wound in the forearm. Furthermore the surgeon and pain management specialist worked to help Caleb develop a pain management protocol that would manage the pain but eliminate the nausea. Caleb wanted you all to know that today he had his first bath since the crash!!!! Current prayer requests are that the doctors are able to manage the pain, that Caleb would began to feel some sensation in his hand and fingers and that he would stay emotionally healthy. Caleb knows how much you each love him, we have been sharing your thoughts and prayers with him. We are still minute by minute and hour by hour on many daily issues and Caleb has asked that each visitor call before coming to visit, until things are improved. Thank you, each one for your love, and understanding in this matter.


Praise Surgery report - Thursday, February 22, 2007
Praise the Lord! Caleb is out of surgery and will be moving out of ICU!!! The Ortho surgeon put rods in his arm and he was able to close many of the open wounds on his arm. I believe this only leaves two spots for skin graphs. The Trauma surgeon informed us that he looked at Caleb's MRI and he feels Caleb has not suffered brain damage although he thinks he may have suffered a concussion. WOW……..GOD is so great and again the Barton Family thanks you for your continued prayers as we could not do this with out them. 

Caleb's Surgery - Thursday, February 22, 2007
Caleb will be going into surgery at about 12pm today. Last night was much more restful for Caleb then we anticipated. Praise the Lord!!!! I will be sharing your thoughts, prayers and scripture with him before he goes back into surgery. We love each one of you and could not make this journey without your prayers. 

Caleb update - Wednesday, February 21, 2007
While looking at the picture gallery on the web site, I realized that for the first couple of days after Caleb's accident there were tears, laughter, food and support from family, friends and strangers. We celebrated that God spared Caleb's life. Now it is five day's later and our family is in great need of prayer support as we face the damage done to Caleb's body. Caleb will be having his third surgery tomorrow, time unknown. Caleb is in horrible pain, please pray that tomorrow the doctor will have wisdom in prescribing the right pain medications for Caleb. Caleb's body has suffered so much trauma they are still finding things. Tonight it was discovered Caleb my have suffered some injury to his head. Please pray that the doctors would have wisdom as they keep caring for our precious Caleb. 

From The Barton Family - Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We want each and every one of you to know that your prayers and support have made a huge difference. Caleb has a long road to go but with the continued love and support of family, and friends we believe he will overcome this. Today's prayer needs are that Caleb’s doctors and nurses are able to keep him comfortable and out pain so he can rest. Caleb is having trouble keeping any nourishment down so prayers are needed for that. The Ortho surgeon informed us yesterday that the prior surgery did not work as they would have liked. They are hoping that Caleb will be strong enough to be operated on tomorrow, Thursday, 2/22/2007.